Friday, March 4, 2011

Updates and Pictures

So, after yesterday's dramatic post, it seems natural to update you all on how today went.  Needless to say, I was extremely nervous about having to have any sort of confrontational conversation with my boss (I HATE confrontation.  I go all wobbly and say things like, "Well I was kinda wondering if we could, like, work on this together..."  Yeah.  Not so effective.)  So after a bolstering conversation with my darling sister, and several imaginary practice scenarios in my head (Okay fine, I said them out loud but no one heard me except for Monkey!  And he doesn't care!  He was busy, I promise.), I felt ready.  It's not professional for me to hash out the details here, but my boss and I did, in fact, discuss both last night and the larger issue.  I suggested they find back-up babysitter(s) to come at 8 PM when I'm supposed to leave.  I've decided to keep track for the next month every time I get out late and by how long, every time I am asked to change my schedule, and every uncomfortable situation I am put in by their requests.  Then, in a month's time, I will reassess how I feel about the situation and go from there.  I now feel like after today's conversation, if things do not improve, I'm in a position to make some serious negotiations or ultimatums but I'm not sure what those will be yet.

In other news...I now wear a size 4?  Since when?  But only at the Gap, and we all know they size big.  But still.  It makes me feel good, and lord knows I need some of that around here.  What doesn't feel so good is dropping sixty-two big ones to get them but oh well.  At least I can wash my other pants now.

And last of all, since this is a dreary post, here are some of my favorite pictures of all time.  None of them have anything to do with this post but enjoy them anyway.

I saw this tree on a hiking trip when I lived in Kentucky and thought it was beautiful.
Tucker enjoyed using my laptop cover as a bed during our secret years at college together.
Alix and I went hiking in the Smoky Mountains last spring break.
This picture makes me cry, to see my parents so proud of me.  Seriously, I tear up every. single. time.
Now I'm no photographer, but that's pretty cool, isn't it?
Back when Rupert was allowed on the bed.
My most recent birthday flowers


The Nanny said...

Just getting home and catching up on your posts -- I am so proud of you for talking to your boss! Remember, if nanny ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. A happy nanny equals a happy family. So stick up for yourself, girlie. You deserve it!

Cait said...

Thanks girl. Hoping things improve with the job, but we'll see. Also hope you're doing well. Sending such love your way, for real.