Saturday, March 12, 2011

An(other) exciting day in the lives of Cait and Al

Tonight I saw a girl who was no more than sixteen drop her handle of vodka on the sidewalk outside our corner store where it shattered into hundreds of glass shards and sent the reek of cheap alcohol into the air.  It made me feel old, to be so disappointed in her (good God, I sound like her mother).  And then I got to thinking that at 23, I really could be leading a much more exciting life than I do.  Instead, this is generally how things are going right now.

 Laundry day yesterday!  Um, so, laundry in New York is EFFING EXPENSIVE.  We're talking $5 a wash load here, people.  And a quarter for every five minutes in the dryer.  So, thanks to my mother's college gift to me of a massive drying rack - that yes, I got made fun of by everyone in my house until, heyyyy they wanted to know if they could dry some of their clothes on it? - we are able to save some money each week by drying things in the apartment.  The problem is, the massive drying rack just isn't, well, big enough.  So the rack is layered three times over with clothes, like this

And then we also have to put clothes on other things, like this:

(this is the tv)

and this
(this is a lamp.  that we got for free on the curb.)
The other members of our small family, i.e., the boys, keep us young with their wicked antics.  Please examine Rupert's most recent attempt at destruction.  TO MY KINDLE.  My Kindle is my baby.  I love it more than I love many flavors of ice cream.  I read it on the subway, at the gym, and in bed when I can't sleep.  Thank goodness it still works, or I wouldn't be speaking to Rupert for weeks.

But then Tucker took a swing at him in what I believe was a show of loyalty to me, with the amazingly captured moment looking something like this

But, in all honesty, I'm a big softie and I love this puppy more than anything.  Which is why I give him treats when he does cute tricks like these.
Notes about the video below:
1) I probably sound nothing like what you thought I do.
2) Rupert is not so great at rolling over - give him a break, it's hard!
3) I am not, nor will I ever be, nor do I aspire to be a videographer.  This crappy stuff is the best you're going to get outta me.

So there you go.  We might not be that exciting, but hey, at least we keep ourselves entertained.


The Nanny said...

Oh girlie: I think we're twins. I really do.

If blogger allowed pictures in the comments section, I would show you my room, which is currently COVERED in drying laundry. Yeah I have a drying rack, like you do, but it only holds like 10 things. And when I'm trying to go 3 weeks between laundry cycles (to save money, gah), I'm washing A LOT more than 10 things.

So I have my drying rack, totally full, and then I have hangers hanging from my shoe rack, every doorknob, dresser drawers, chairs...everything. My whole room is a clothes explosion.

But dammit, I'm saving $4 on drying!

Cait said...

I completely and utterly commend you for the $4 you save on laundry. It can be used to buy a pint of ice cream, at the very least. Also, we're lucky if we do laundry every three weeks too (my mother is probably chiding me from hundreds of miles away for that one). If it weren't for running out of workout clothes, it might run even longer in between loads...ew.

CJ Arabia AKA Knitorious N.I.T. said...

What a good boy!

Cait said...

We think he's fabulous, so thank you :) He misses Tacos and Molly though.