Monday, March 14, 2011

An Inspiring Girl

This morning I received an email that made me a coffee shop.  The reason, you may ask?  The family with two girls I used to care for that I spoke of in this post had an amazing story to share.  Sage, the older of the two girls, is seven years old.  She is precocious, funny, kind, and wise beyond her years.  When I cared for her and her little sister, she made me laugh with her silly antics and stop and think with her endless questions.  She'd hug me so hard I'd lose my breath and gently help her toddler sister up the stairs for their bath.  She was so proud when she could finally do the monkey bars on their play structure by herself that she jumped up and down like a bunny for a good ten minutes.  I fell in love with this precious girl from the moment I first met her and I cried like a baby when I left them after graduation.

The morning following the earthquakes and tsunamis, Sage demonstrated her overwhelming kindness by deciding she wanted to help fundraise for the victims of these natural disasters.  The message I've included below contains the text of the letter she wishes to share with everyone, as well as a picture of the actual letter she wrote.  Please note this touching fact: she is offering a gently used toy, book, or a handmade clay sculpture to anyone who donates to her cause.  This girl loves her toys and books with a fiery passion.  She tends to her dolls like they are babies (because to her, they are) and reads voraciously, with or without the help of an adult.  For her to offer to give up her most precious possessions to help those in need literally breaks my heart with joy and I hope it does to you.  Please, please read the message below and consider donating through the web page set up by her mother.  Can you help her reach her goal of raising $1000?  Can you help her surpass it?  I know that we can.

Below is a letter to you, from Sage. It came straight from her heart, every word is her own, and we are so proud of her loving spirit.

"Dear Everyone,

I am selling my gently used toys and books along with clay sculptures I made. I am doing this to help the people in Japan who lost their houses because of the earthquake.  My goal is one thousand dollars.  One thousand dollars is the cost of one complete shelter box. A shelterbox is a box with a tent for up to ten people, children's books and crayons, blankets and sheets, water purification, a stove and many other tools.

I feel like I need to help the people in Japan because they need my help.  I know I can help. Can you help too?


To contribute toward Sage's goal, simple go to:

then click on "Find a Team/Participant" on the righthand side and type in Sage M. Friedman. Once you select her fundraising page, just click on "sponsor me."

The website is secure, and your contribution is tax deductible.

Shelterbox is an organization devoted to sending much needed shelter, food, and living supplies directly into areas hard hit by natural disasters. To find out more about Shelterbox, I encourage you to visit their website at


Tu Nguyen said...

hi darling. i just sent in my donation. if only there were more people in the world like little sage!

Cait said...

Thank you, love! She's certainly a special kid. Your donation was so generous. She will be thrilled with her progress!