Thursday, March 10, 2011

Oh What a Day

Today was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.  In chronological order:

1.  Woke up at 4:15 (no explanation needed)
2.  Starbucks doesn't open until 5:30...I meander to its door by 5:24 and decide waiting for caffeine for a full six minutes is a bit below my dignity so I continue on.  Bad choice.
3.  Arrive at work, boss S. has overslept and his alarm (blaring beeping effing alarm) goes off at ten minutes to six, waking up not only him but also, hi, your baby.  Who usually sleeps until 7:30.  Every day.  But don't worry, boss S. is already in the shower by the time my buddy is having a full-blown breakdown and I rescue him from his crib and resign us both to a cranky, overtired day.
4.  Walk to sign language class in driving rain (The stroller has a rain cover.  I am not so lucky.).
5.  At the jewelery store where Alix and I got our rings, I arrive breathless and drenched just in time for my appointment to have my ring resized, because, hi, apparently losing weight makes your fingers smaller.  In the process of digging said ring out of my wet backpack, I manage to drop it.  Oh wait, let me clarify.  I did not just "drop" my ring.  No, no, I managed to fling it ten feet away from me under the prissy couch they keep by the elevators for people to rest on.  Concierge and floor staff politely avert their gaze as I scoot under the couch to retrieve it - yes, my lovely rumpus was stickin' high up in the air as I dug around for the most valuable thing I've ever owned.  (The resizing actually went well.  I get my ring back tomorrow at 2 PM.)
6.  Rush home to take Rupert out before going to the gym.  During the process of exiting the building, the rain-soaked door handle slipped from my hand and the door manages to partly close - and latch! - on my poor puppy's foot.  The following scene ensues: Rupert is yelping, literally screaming in pain and fear, as I desperately push on the door and after realizing it's locked itself, fumble in my pocket for my keys.  My hands are shaking as I try and try to unlock the door while Rupert is still yelping.  Two kind women have stopped to help me and we finally free him and I manage to grab his leash before he runs, terrified, into the street.  I sink to the soaked sidewalk, already crying, and cradle Rupert for a good five minutes to make sure his paw is fine (it is).  Nice woman #2 stays with me for a couple of minutes reassuring me that he is fine.  I called my mom and proceeded to bawl to her about what a bad doggie mom I am while Rupert and I walk around the block.  She, of course, knows exactly what to say to make me feel better and tells me to take deep breaths until I stop crying.

Good things!  Here you go: the gym was good, it made me feel much better.  Also, I have tomorrow off from work so I can do laundry and take care of Alix after she has mouth surgery.  And I can go to the gym and sleep in and clean the bathroom and ohmygoodness I'm so excited.  I hope everyone else had a better day than me!

My poor baby.  Back when he was a baby!  Wook at that wittle face!


Sarah said...

I had a better day today than I did yesterday. Yesterday may have been one of my worst days at work ever. Seriously. I have a new boss, and I cried through our entire first meeting. Why? I'm not really sure. Maybe because we have a vacancy I've basically been covering in addition to my own job. Maybe because I'm like that. Maybe because I didn't want her to feel obligated to explain to me that it was "disrespectful" when she sat in on a conference call in my office on Monday and I (seriously accidentally, by reflex) flipped off my phone when one of my coworkers asked a nagging question for the THIRD time. But yeah. It sucked.

So here's why I want you to know that getting your ring resized was awesome, no matter how much butt viewing was involved. It will not fall off your finger in the cold because you've lost twenty pounds and apparently a ring size, 8 years after it first became a part of your left hand. Seriously - that happened to me two weeks ago. So make sure you gals both have insurance, because it is the only thing keeping me sane. (Although there was some MAJOR foul up at the insurance company last week - I talked to a lady who gave me wrong information about amounts covered, etc, for the future AND said she was closing out the claim and having the replacement cost direct-deposited to us... you know, so I went and reordered my ring Saturday... and then got a message today that the claim was "in process," called back, and found out the conversation I had last week was documented NOWHERE. Argh. I think it'll all get sorted out though.)

And, remember that more importantly than your amazing ring, you'll always have Alex, and that's the best of all.


Cait said...

Oof Sarah, that sounds like an awful work day. Bosses, coworkers, and meetings, oh my! Alix and I definitely need to get insurance on our rings, that's for sure. We'll work that out as soon as I stop fighting with my health insurance company probably :-)

Thanks for your sweet thoughts and commiseration. And now that we're fb friends, we can be real friends. Good.

Kate said...

I agree with Sarah; insure that ring! Next time, you might fling it down a storm drain and have to go down after it like a friend of mine did, or lose a microscopic stone from the halo if your ring has one and crawl around on the white carpet for 2 hours looking for it (that one was me.)