Friday, March 18, 2011

All Good Things

Today's beautiful weather - 72 degrees! - had me feeling good.  My little guy and I enjoyed the sun with an outing to the bank (thrilling, I know).  Then I got off of work two hours early and Alix and I celebrated the occasion by deciding we wanted ice cream to go with the warm weather.  Even though our corner store has seven zillion flavors of Ben & Jerry's, I desperately wanted a cone for the full experience, so we took the subway way, way up the west side to the only scoop shop around.  I enjoyed their new flavor, Late Night Snack, which is basically this heavenly concoction of salty and sweet with chocolate.  Um...delicious.  Alix got her usual disgusting combination of coffee ice cream with rainbow sprinkles.  Talk about ruining a perfectly good opportunity for ice cream.  Sheesh.

Yeah, I know this is an awful picture.  Sorry.
Anyway, after taking the subway all the way back, we decided we weren't quite ready to head home so we hit up a local thrift store that we've been meaning to visit for awhile now.  It was hot and stuffy, and way more crowded than I expected, but I have an obsession for thrift stores so I didn't mind.  I love hunting for a good find amidst all the bad prom and bridesmaid dresses and XXL blazers with shoulder pads.  I came home with a dress and a rustic 1950's era kitchen clock.

It even tells time!

The dress was a contemplated decision; the clock a last second (haha) one.  We weren't even sure if it would work once we put a battery in it.  Then came a little home decorating.  The clock clearly belongs in the kitchen, so we hauled out the nails to hang it and then I got all excited about hanging up this world map we've had for ages but have never put up.  A strange combination, I know, but they both make our kitchen area look even funkier and charismatic than before.  (Who's ever heard of having a map in the kitchen, right?  Well now if I'd like to know where Kazakhstan is while I'm making dinner, by golly, I can just look up and find it.)

Our apartment is tilted.  So it's not our fault the map is crooked.  Ok?
The windows are open and our apartment smells beautifully of the lilies that a friend gave us.  The dog is sleeping, the cat is prowling, The Weepies are playing, and a pizza is on its way.  Life. Is. Good.


Faith said...

Look at those trim legs!

Cait said...

Haha thanks darling. Been putting in a lot of hours at the gym for those.

David said...

Our cabin's kitchen up at Fallen Leaf is covered with maps. Seems very normal to me. Made a small contribution via Sage yesterday and she had collected over $2,300 at that time. I adopted your hedgehog.

Cait said...

Thanks for your donation, Uncle Dave. She has raised an awful lot of money for one kid. She was featured on their local news about her project. And I'm glad for the hedgehog. He needed a good home. With maps.