Monday, March 28, 2011

The Lowest Point

Today, I gave my two weeks notice.

The conversation went as well as could be expected.  It was civil, short, and to the point.  My boss actually verbalized to my face the issue that is the crux of why I'm leaving, and I quote: "Believe it or not, this is all a lot harder for us than it is for you."  I responded, "Well, you just stated exactly why I am feeling that my needs and concerns are being disregarded and disrespected.  It's because you don't consider them as important as your own."

Then she went back and forth between pretending nothing was wrong to being absolutely horribly vindictive and cruel.  At one point today she actually yanked my little guy from my arms and stalked away.  These next two weeks are going to be hellish.  My only hope is that today was the worst because of the shock and newness of the situation.

All I can hope for is that these next two weeks go by as quickly as my hour-long commute to work did this morning.  I felt like I stepped out of my door to the front of theirs, key in hand, praying to every god I could think of to please, please let this go well.

 I'm so overwhelmed by everything I'm feeling, I don't even know how to verbalize it, let alone process it.  For two more weeks, I will give that boy all the love, hugs, kisses, and cuddles as I possibly can.  And then, somehow, I'll have to say goodbye.


Sarah said...

oh wow. can't imagine how you must feel. and yet, i'm gonna be making this move myself in the next couple of months... wow. if you end up with "in between" weeks before whatever you're going to next (if you know), you and alix are always welcome in nc - it's warmer down here!

Anonymous said...

Wow, lady, way to respond to your boss' statement like that. What you said is a true story and it's good you said it.

Those two weeks will go by quickly...and the end is in sight

~ sketchy and anonymous ;-)

Cait said...

Sarah, thanks for the support and best of luck with your own quitting adventures. I so wish we could take you up on the NC offer! Anything to get out of here...

Fatti, stop being a creeper. I love you.

Maria-Fátima said...