Friday, November 16, 2012


 Sometimes I feel like each day is a pile of jagged puzzle pieces that I have to piece together as I go along.  And every day the puzzle is different.  But deceptively so, because I'll think I know how this one (say, the Thursday puzzle) goes together, but then I'll realize oh no, wait, this week it's actually completely different.  Try again.  It's a good lesson in time management and task focus (neither of which I am very good at).  So.  This is what Thursday, November 15, 2012 looked like for me...

This is what time my alarm went off.

I only groaned a little.  I was definitely up and into the 45 degree air by 5:10.  In half an hour, I cut up a grapefruit to have for breakfast, I made a PB&J to pack for lunch, I drank four big glasses of water, peed twice, hopped around in the cold, took a deep breath before shimmying out of my pajamas and into my yoga clothes, double and triple checked that my school bag had everything for school and my yoga bag had everything for yoga and showering afterwards, and then went to 6 AM Bikram, which is really just 90 minutes of why why why whywhywhy going through my head until I'm done.  Fastest shower of my life.  Into sweats and off to school by 8 AM.

The clothes go into a plastic bag because yes, they are dripping with sweat.  And two towels.  One for sweat, one for shower.
Not very many people came to my pharmacology class this morning - our professor usually (generously) cancels class on the days when we have a Med/Surg test at 10 AM, but she couldn't today because Sandy made for some missed days of school and we were behind.  I chugged coffee, ate my grapefruit, chugged water, and convinced our professor to tell us a few stories from her days as a pharmacist in NYC once we finished our lecture on anxiolytics and antidepressants.

At 10 AM, I had my third Med/Surg exam.  88 questions.  All of the possible answers are at least partially correct (not kidding).  It's brutal.  We sit in this windowless room, packed in like pickles, and slog through the 24 page test packet, frantically rechecking our bubbles on the Scantron we're filling in as we go.  Dazed and confused, I finished around 11:30 and retreated to my school's atrium to eat some lunch.

Mindless Facebook-ing, Twitter-ing, and PB&J scarfing commenced.

At 1 PM, I had my last pathophysiology class before Thanksgiving break.  We finished up membrane potentials and started on central nervous system signaling.  I had to dig deep in my brain for my senior year of college neurophysiology knowledge and managed to dredge up the key bits.

Ahh...done with class by 3 PM!  Fell asleep on the shuttle home.  Dani shook me awake at my stop, thank goodness, or I would still be on that bus.

Really, really, really didn't want to go for a run but that half marathon is not just going to run itself, now is it.  It took me until 5:15 to summon the energy, but by golly I did.  Pulled the negative splits I was aiming for and made it home in time for a shower before babysitting.

Met a new family tonight, close by in my neighborhood, they need a few date nights a month.  Sweet baby, slept the whole time.  Libby (a Labradoodle) and I cuddled happily on the couch, while I enjoyed:
a) heat that I didn't have to pay for
b) muted TV on all of the cable channels we can't afford, on a TV five times the size of ours
c) a chance to talk to my sister on the phone, which just doesn't happen enough but is so wonderful when it does.

Parents got home at 11:15.
Came home.
Climbed into bed.

30 Days Hath November
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Day 02: A favourite movie.
Day 03: Something I never leave the house without.
Day 04: A friend I adore.
Day 05: My hometown.
Day 06: A book I'm reading.
Day 07: A song for the day.
Day 08: Three inspirational quotes.
Day 09: A close-up of my day.

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