Thursday, November 29, 2012

Family Ties

My family is big.

My siblings and I.  Aren't they all ridiculously tall?  In this picture, I am wearing three inch heels.  And they still tower over me.

I love them.  But my family is also this girl:

And these girls:

And the boy.  He's included now too.

* * *

Family can be blood.  But it doesn't have to be.  Family is this:

Family is the people that care.  The people that give a shit.  I'm lucky to have so many.

30 Days Hath November
Day 01: A place I'd like to travel.
Day 02: A favourite movie.
Day 03: Something I never leave the house without.
Day 04: A friend I adore.
Day 05: My hometown.
Day 06: A book I'm reading.
Day 07: A song for the day.
Day 08: Three inspirational quotes.
Day 09: A close-up of my day.
Day 10: A favourite recipe.
Day 11: Three years ago today.
Day 12: The last item I purchased.
Day 13: Something I'm proud of.
Day 14: Style inspiration for the season.
Day 15: Three blogs I always read.
Day 16: Someone who inspires me.
Day 17: My family.