Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Adoration Station

Talking about other people online is tricky.  After all, just because I choose to occupy this weird, somewhat identifiable, public, but very small corner of the internet where I don't use my full name (but am under no illusion that I am thus anonymous) doesn't mean that anyone else wants to be talked about in said corner.  (And don't even get me started on Facebook, and how everything you do on there isn't private at all, despite what they want you to think, and how none of what you do with your so-called privacy settings matters anyway, because all of your info is cached and is publicly accessible...ahhh.)  So yeah, anyway, talking about others.  I like to respect people's boundaries.  I'm going to go ahead and assume that if you don't write a blog, you probably don't want me to talk about you on my blog, regardless of how few people would see it.  So while it might seem like I have a pretty small circle, given who I talk about on here, the real life version of my life isn't like that.  Like, for instance, this boy I keep mentioning.  He has a name, I promise!  And he exists.  And that's kinda all I can say without worrying that I'm not respecting his privacy and choice to not, you know, air all his emotional and psychological crises on the internet like someone else I know.  (Me.  That was a self-reference, by the way.)

I digress.  Today's topic: a friend I adore.  There are so many.  Spread far and wide, way further than I'd like, almost all of them, and some really wonderful ones that are right here in my little neighborhood and class at Yale.  So instead of singling someone out who may or may not want to be singled, here are some of the things I love about the lots of people that I love:

I have a friend who when we would get going, we could talk in Russian accents (badly) for literal hours.  We would be in public, and wouldn't care.  Laughing so hard that I was perpetually almost wetting my pants.
I have a friend that visited me every single day that I was hospitalized my junior year of college.  Every day, she sat on my bed and listened to me cry and told me that I was going to get better.
I have a friend who hugs me so hard that it almost hurts.  We laugh about it because it's kinda her thing, but when she hugs me, I know she means it, and it makes me happy.
I have a friend who sees her own neuroses in the moments when I'm freaking out, and her sympathy is so genuine that without her saying a word, I feel better.
I have a friend who pushes me to articulate what I'm feeling in order to help me figure out the sadness in my head, and who hugs me when I can't figure it out, and who helps me stand up for myself, regardless.
I have a friend who tells me I'm smart.  She's by far the smartest person I've ever met.
I have a friend who is fiercely loyal, though we are hundreds of miles apart.  She will send telepathic beams of anger to anyone that hurts me, no questions asked.
I have a friend who welcomes me in, shares her chocolate-covered espresso beans, and tells me she missed me.

I am so blessed by these myriad people.  I adore them all.

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Day 04: A friend I adore.

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Allison the Meep said...

This is such a sweet list. What a lovely group of friends you have.

I leave a lot of details about Wade out of my blog because he has the job that pays our bills and I don't want to say things about him online that could cause trouble for him at work. Whereas I just stay at home with kids, so I am free to talk about poop and other nonsense all I want and nobody will fire me.