Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Back to Life, Back to Reality

(Ten points to anyone who can name the musical group responsible for this post's title)

So after a month of working relatively normal work hours every day (7 AM to 5 PM), my boss's rotation has changed and she's back to shift work, which means so am I. This week I'm working almost 60 hours, in addition to the sixteen I'll be working at the bakery over the weekend. This is what a typical day looks and feels like for me these days:

5:25 AM - Wake up to most annoying alarm possible. No charming bell chimes for me. Roll out of bed, weigh self with fingers crossed. Sigh in relief or grimace in annoyance, depending on number. This morning sighed in relief! Pack food for day, put clothes on, rub eyes vigorously, pack clothes for the gym, keep yawning and rubbing eyes, kiss Alix good-bye and run downstairs.

5:45 AM - Trudge to subway station. Realize it's raining and forgot to pack umbrella.

6:00 AM - Catch downtown 1 train, transfer to cross-town L train, walk 20 minutes in freezing rain, arrive at work by 6:50.

7:00 AM-8:00 PM - I'll spare you the blow by blow, but this can be the longest, most boring, and still most fun 13 hours of my life. It consists of diaper changes, feedings, Baby Einstein videos, Toddler Radio on Pandora, naps ("It's time to go to sleep, Monkey." He pops his head up and starts to cry. "It's time to go to sleep, Monkey." Repeat until sleepy enough for me to leave the room to only mild crying. As you can tell, we are still in the beginning phase of "crying it out.") Further activities include playing with toys, more diaper changes, more feedings, a bath, and if we're lucky, an adventure to the grocery store, thrift store, or library.

8:00 PM-8:40 PM - Make groggy commute home but stop at gym before getting there. Change slowly into workout clothes while seriously contemplating skipping the gym just this once.

8:45 PM-9:30 PM - Cardio on Arc Trainer for 45 minutes. Thoughts go something like this: Ok, 45 minutes isn't that long. Here we go with a warm-up. Oh jeez, Lady Gaga on my playlist again. Must update iPod soon. Warm-up over, increase then decrease resistance in five minute increments. Is it 9:30 yet? What if I only do 30 minutes? I'm really sweaty and it says I've burned lots of calories. But oh yeah, I ate those cookies today. Fine, I'll do the whole 45 minutes. Now we're on to Miley Cyrus? I hope no one near me can hear my music. Wait, does that guy come to the bakery sometimes? He does! I wonder if he recognizes me without my apron and bandana. On second thought, definitely not. Ok, last ten minutes. If I increase the resistance every two minutes until the end I'll burn lots of calories. Go. Finally, finally done. After five minutes of core work, I drag myself to the shower, knowing that if I think I'm going to shower when I get home or when I get up in the morning, I'm seriously deluding myself.

10:00 PM - Make it home, kiss Alix hello, brush teeth, fall into bed, and set annoying alarm for tomorrow.

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