Friday, February 18, 2011

February Thaw

This is what I'm currently obsessed with:

And this is what I made for dinner last night:
Kerala-Style Chicken Curry

(Sooo not vegetarian, but sooo good.  You can find the recipe here.)

Going to the gym took a hit this week since I worked 7-8 one day and 6-8 two other days (yes, those are 13 and 14 hour shifts.  Have I mentioned that my job is crazy?).  Needless to say, going to the gym at 9 PM when I have to wake up at 4:15 AM doesn't sound too appealing nor is it very healthy.  I'm at a stalemate with my weight loss and after seeing a personal trainer last week, I'm hoping things start to look up.  He's given me a weight-training plan and if I follow it three times a week, do cardio twice a week or more, and keep track of what I'm eating (and actually eat - a blog entry for another time), it should all fall into place.  Maybe in a month or so?  Stay tuned, as always.

As for my other job, we're still bracing ourselves for the whirlwind of customers that nice weather and Food Network appearances bring through the door, especially on the weekends when we're already overloaded.  The simple fact is that there is not enough oven space to keep up with the amount of cookies we are selling during a typical two-hour long rush and so while my shifts often fly by, by the end of them I have crazy-eyes, my hair is coming out of its bandana, there's flour all over my jeans and chocolate on my apron, and all I really really want is a beer.  Or something stronger.  Thankfully, my boss is relaxed enough that she will in fact give us something to sip on while closing on particularly hectic days.  She says we are her champion team and she couldn't do it without us.  It feels nice to be appreciated, even if it's for doing something as simple as ringing a cash register and making espresso drinks as fast as I can.  And no, as employees, we don't get sick of the cookies.  Our favorites may change, but we don't ever stop loving them.

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