Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wanted: Friends

Here's the story...

This is me

 I used to go to college and had some awesome, truly amazing friends.  (Don't worry, they're still there.  They're just very far away.)  Then I graduated.  Then I moved to NY, where I know no one, except for Alix (and she's wonderful...remember when this happened?).  Anyway.  I spend my days with an 11-month-old, and while he's working very hard on his conversation skills, they're still not quite up to my speed.  I spend my weekends handing out cookies in exchange for money (yay for a free market economy) with people who are vaguely my age and should be good friend material but are somehow...not.  It's definitely because I'm shy but still.  I'd really like some friends.  Can we be friends?  Here are some things about me in case you need to know.

I used to wear a boot (briefly).

I illegally housed a cat in my dorm room for two years.  I could have gotten kicked out of school for this.  Instead, I didn't and Tucker and I watched Animal Planet together.

I was sad for a long, long time.  Now, it's not so bad.  Tucker, Rupert, Alix, my family, and the sunrise keep me going even on days when it threatens to pull me under again.

So what do you think.  Can anyone help me out with this friend thing?


The Nanny said...

I'll be your friend!

About me...huh...okay, so I'm a bleeding heart liberal from Texas (who now lives in Cambridge, MA — SO much more politically & socially me than Texas!).

I have a betta fish named Severus, and I'm currently fish-sitting for my friend Kelly's fish, whose name is Lord Byron.

Lord Byron and Sev do NOT get along.

My dream is to help deliver babies someday — first as a doula, then as a midwife.

And right now I'm watching When Harry Met Sally and Meg Ryan is wearing an EXTREMELY unfortunate outfit.

Cait said...

So I think we are destined to be friends for these reasons:
A) You are clearly a Harry Potter fan. I can spout Harry Potter facts on command.
B) You want to be a midwife. I want to be a nurse practioner, specialize in women's health, and someday probably become a midwife.
C) You go to school in Cambridge. I went to school in Northampton (you should visit it...they have the best coffee I've ever had) which means we both hold MA dearly in our hearts.

Good luck with the feuding fish. I hope they don't kill each other. I used to babysit my friends' beta fishes in college and it was a stressful experience, trying to keep them alive. So much pressure!

Anonymous said...

hmmmm I hope you'll at least consider my modest offer to be your friend..

I love sunrises. I guess I find my spirituality in them (my mother probably wishes I'd go further than that, but alas). I used to watch it every morning. It's never the same.

I live for the perfect coffee shop and when I find it in whatever new space/community I'm in, my veins end up drunk with caffeine just to have a reason to frequent the space's that kind where there are a lot of people doing their own thing--conversations, reading, writing, thinking, trying to figure out which bin is compost and if there's a difference between the 5 recycling bins right next to each other. You might think it's noisy, or even raucous at first, but there's something that fuses the noise from each table into this steady lull. It means you can't really hear anything specific. So you're forced to focus inside yourself. To think. Make your table your own (until you leave and then it's never your table in the same way again). Having good coffee adds to the experience too, I guess.

There's not much about seeing a real baby pop out that excites me...but I hope you'll overlook that.

I love that there are women who love women. There's also this thing that gets me about androgyny, actually...and half the time I can't figure out if I'd rather be that person or get to know him/her. The confusion is half the fun though.

I'm interested in the quality of health care's one of my new personal projects to learn more about it..I'm guessing you might have a bit to say on that.

I've never lived in NYC but I love can dress up in anything and no one looks at you like you're a freak.

I looooove cooking. Maybe in a not-gay-vegetarian moment of yours you can try this food called acarajé...not sure if you'll find it in NYC. They sell it more in my neck of the woods so I don't know how to cook it, but there are recipes online. I've also tried these bangin' sweet potato quesadillas that you might like--colorful food can rock your world.

So, Cait, I don't know if you'll find me to be a good fit as a friend, but I've made myself vulnerable nonetheless. You've got a great family with you in New's nice to know you.

Cait said...

Hey Anon! Wish I had a name to go with, but that's ok :) I have trouble organizing my thoughts without lists so...
1. I *adore* coffee shops. Really and truly. My college town was full of them and NYC...not so much, though I just found a decent one nearby.
2. Birth is definitely a weird thing to see, even if I think it is very, very cool. No worries that you're not into it.
3. Androgyny is also weird, but also cool (wow I'm so creative with my adjectives). The school I went to was very supportive of those who identified or didn't one way or the other so I got a crash course in androgyny that way. Shane from the L Word? Would totally be into that.
4. Not sure what you mean by a "not-gay-vegetarian moment" but I love to cook just about anything. I'll look up acaraje for sure. And sweet potato quesadillas are on of my all-time favorite foods, no lie. Especially if they have black beans in them. Mmmmm.
5. Thanks for reaching out. I hope you keep reading!