Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cricket Gems

"Bun is wide awake, and Dove is wide asleep!"

We had made chocolate chip cookies yesterday while she was home (school was closed on Presidents' Day).
Cricket: "Mommy and Daddy and you and me can all have a chocolate chip cookie but Bun and Dove can't."
Me: "That's right, they're too little to have a cookie."
Cricket: "So Mommy should eat lots and lots of cookies so that they get to taste the cookies in their milk."

Me: "Sweetie, do you want an orange for lunch?"
Cricket: "Yes, but only a really orange one."

Cricket: "Me and Mommy are milk monsters!"
Me: "You are?!  Why's that?"
Cricket: "Because I drink lots and lots of milk and Mommy pumps lots and lots of milk.  That makes us both milk monsters!"
Me: "So what about Bun and Dove, since they drink all of Mommy's milk?  Are they milk monsters too?"
Cricket: "No, Caitlin, you're silly.  They're babies."

Me: "Alright, sweetness, it's time for me to go home.  Where's my hug?"
Cricket: "Here!  It's right here!  See??"  *arms thrown wide open*
Me: "Goodnight!  Love you!"
Cricket: "Night!  Love you too!"

as I'm halfway to the car...

Cricket: "Caitlin!!!"
Me: "What's wrong, love?"
Cricket: "Love you one more time!"
Me: "Love you a million times, Cricket."


sarah said...

Did you make your famous delicious chocolate chip cookies!? So glad there is a litle bug to bring you joy and love. :)

Allison the Meep said...

Holy crap. Is there such a thing as nanny headhunting? Because I want you to be my nanny. You are the coolest.

jrobinson0731 said...

Love that!

Cait said...

Sarah - haha, yes, we did make my famous cookies. I should send you some again...

Allison - come to Boston! I'll take your little neversleeper off your hands for a bit so you can get some rest :)


"No, Caitlin, you're silly. They're babies." I'm DYING here! So much cuteness!