Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Missing Her


'Cause then came you.
Then there's you.
I keep your picture
In my worn through shoes.

When I'm lost
In your eyes
I see the way for me.
"Someone Else's Life," by Joshua Radin


Noelle said...

Tear. Sad face. (Internet hugs.)

Margaret said...

What a song, I just found it on youtube! And thank you for your honesty and education in the previous post. Really.

Anonymous said...

My hands shake, my knees quake, everyday, same way... Then came you. If you let me, I'll show the world to you. If you let me, I'll know just what to do. Cause then came you. Xoxo

Kate said...

I know that feeling oh so well; my husband used to travel 3 weeks out of the month from August until November. It never got easier, but it also never got less awesome when he finally came home. Hang in there!

Cait said...

Thanks, Noelle. Internet hugs are better than no hugs at all.

Margaret, thank you for your props about my last post. It was hard to write, but it's important to me to try and get the information out there.

Anon - love this song so much. I'm glad you like it too!

Kate - you're right, it doesn't get easier, but thank you so much for the reminder that the homecoming will be better than I could ever imagine. I'm going to hold on to that image all day today. <3

Anonymous said...

Ms. Anon = future spouse