Friday, September 16, 2011

Flying, Friends, and Pho

Months ago, Southwest had an amazing deal on plane tickets.  Guess who jumped on that deal right quick?  THIS GIRL.

September 15th finally rolled around, and after a 3 AM cab ride, two hours to Chicago, four hours to LA, one tearful reunion, five cups of coffee, and a dinner that reminded me that I am secretly Vietnamese (if only for my intense and undying love for the food...especially pho), I am finally here!

I can't begin to explain (at least, not without crying) how amazing this girl, this friend of mine, is.  She stuck by me through four years of college, holding me up when my world was falling apart and laughing along with me when it finally righted itself.  She's even vowed to host two bachelorette parties, bless her soul.  (Take two girls getting married to each other and multiply everything girly about a wedding by two.  Scary, right?  It doesn't faze her a bit.)

Here's the thing about me.  I don't have that many friends.  As I've gotten older, I'm more and more okay with this fact.  I had plenty of acquaintances in college, people that I lived with and ate with and had class with, but with whom ultimately I don't keep in touch.  I have a low tolerance for bullshit, and this includes bullshit friendships that don't have much beneath a shiny surface.  This can make for a pretty low friend density, I've found.  But - I could not be happier with the truly amazing, loyal, loving friends that I do have.  I can only count them on one hand and that's okay.  It leaves one hand free for holding on when we need each other.
Hiking in Hawaii post-graduation


Holly said...

She sounds like a wonderful friend, enjoy your time together!

Tu Nguyen said...

heyyyyy! that's me! :) i am so happy to be your friend and will always be your friend. you are equally as amazing if not more and i can only count the days when we get to see each other again!

and by golly there will be an amazing bachelorette(s) party!