Tuesday, May 17, 2011

White Girl Problems

First of all, a disclaimer.  I do NOT use Twitter.  I am morally opposed to it.  (buthaverecentlybeguntoconsiderchangingmyopinionandcreatinganaccountshhhhhh)

However, it has been pointed out to me that one can read Twitter feeds without actually having an account.  So, on the recommendation of a friend, I started reading this feed that basically talks about "white girl problems."  Problems that are - self-admittedly - the kind of problems that only privileged, white, I'm-kind-of-obsessed-with-myself girls have.  An analogous phrase would be "first-world struggs (struggles)."  The feed is decently funny, but what I find funnier is the frequency with which I've begun identifying these moments in my own life and laughing at them - and at myself for having them.  Because, honestly, think about your day.  How many times do you get annoyed or aggravated by something that could only be considered a first-world/white girl problem/struggle?  I'm guessing somewhere between "a lot" and "all the time."

Here are some recent examples of Alix's and my personal contributions to this topic:

The coffee shop isn't brewing coffee because the machine is broken. WTF?  Fine, I'll have an Americano.

My size four jeans are big on me.
My psychiatrist is running an hour late because of a patient emergency.  Now I can't get coffee.

Would everyone on Sitter City . com please chill out with the job requests?  JEEZE.

Why haven't my new GAP pants been delivered yet?  It's been, like, three days.

Hey Autocorrect on my iPhone - stop changing "whoopsies" to "poodles."

Our Netflix queue needs updating.  You do it.

Why am I out of SmartWater?  And why is it so damn expensive?! 

When we are anywhere outside of New York City: Why the hell is everything closed?!  It's only 9 PM!

Second disclaimer: Alix and I are not actually this self-obsessed.  You have to understand that this a condensed collection of thoughts from the last couple of weeks.  And truthfully, start asking yourself whether your "problems" during the day are any more serious than "ours."


Margaret said...

As Eliza and I used to say back at Smith, "oppression!". example: What's for dinner? What do you mean there are only five elaborate buffet options?

Cait said...

Oppression! My smartphone can't connect to the internet! Hehe Margaret, I'm glad we can appreciate the same things.