Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rays of Sunshine

There are good things in life.  Even in the midst of struggles (first-world or not), there are things like unexpected sunshine after a week of rain, and new friends - that own a fluffy dog - met at the coffee shop.
Coco in foreground, being an excellent subject.  Rupert in background, being easily distracted.
There are also things like used bookstores on a rainy afternoon, crammed floor to ceiling with books.
Don't look for a specific author, title, or genre.  Just...look.  You'll find something.
And there are books.  Wonderful, blessed, books.  Books and coffee could get me are getting me through a lot.  Anyone recognize some of their recommended titles from this post?
I was doing well at keeping my spending under control until I found the children's section.  (See the top 8 books.)

Okay everyone, quick, look around the room and find five things that make you happy!  I'll go first:
1.  Rupert, sleeping in a ball
2.  My iPod playing "Dog Days Are Over," by Florence + The Machine
3.  My yellow sweatpants
4.  Our two new little plants, bought at the farmers' market this evening
5.  Our refrigerator white board with a list of things to do - all checked off.

Your turn!


Wiley said...

Hooray! That is an excellent pile of books. Anything by Jumpa Lahiri is awesome, as well, but I like her short stories best.

Things in the room that make me happy:

1. My easel with a blank pad of paper on it
2. My flannel shirt hanging on the door
3. The Year of Living Biblically (new book I am reading)
4. The buns
5. My bright orange and purple shower curtain which for some reason makes me smile.

Lauren said...

A bit of a different twist since I'm at work:
1. Big cup of delicious coffee, brought from home in my thermos.
2. My two kind and caring co-workers sitting at the front desk.
3. Photos of friends and family on my desk.
4. The giant windows that let in so much light along the front of the building.
5. Newspaper article about a new vegan restaurant that my co-worker handed me as soon as I walked in this morning.

Kate said...

OOO! I <3 The View From Saturday! That book was one of my favorites! My 5 things:

1. Purring cat next to me
2. The "yes" Wedding Invite Reply Cards that came in today's mail
3. The cool breeze blowing through my apartment
4. The braided rug I'm working on for the kitchen
5. The pictures we took at the Lilac Festival this past weekend

That was fun :-)

Faith said...

My sweet girl! What a good exercise in gratitude. I have the view of the lake out the back door with the wind chime making melody. Dad is on the couch next to me; I'm sipping my evening gimlet and feeling as if my baby is as strong as SHE-RA. What more does one need?!

Sarah said...

1 - the blog on my screen that always makes me smile and i look forward to reading and miss when there are no new posts
2 - the email that says i have a digital book available from the library
3 - the big cat that is paralyzing my left arm
4 - the yawning husband on the couch by me
5 - the little cat that just ran out of the room

Cait said...

Thanks everyone! My favorites of your favorites:
Wiley's flannel shirt
Lauren's coffee
Kate's braided rug
Mom's view of the lake
Sarah's love of my blog (Sorry, I'm a sucker. But I also love the cats. One is evil, the other is not. Right?)