Thursday, May 5, 2011


My day:

Annoying -- the coffee shop isn't brewing coffee so I had to get a latte instead.  I don't like lattes.  I like alargecoffeewithskimmilkandtwosplendakthanxbye

Got over it -- the latte tasted good.  And I had them add an extra shot of espresso so I was raring to go.

Happy happy -- Bean crawled over to me the minute I came in and pulled himself up on my leg for a cuddle.  I see this boy only three times a week, and I've been there less than a month and yet...he loves me.  I don't know why or how, but he does.  And oh, how I love him back.

Peaceful -- Bee playing in the backyard, the door open wide, morning sunshine spilling into the kitchen as I did laundry, ran the dishwasher, and called my mom while Bean napped.

Disheartening -- Picking LM up from school only to hear from his teachers that he had (another) meltdown today and that his listening is not so good.  This was actually a worse report than what I got at Tuesday's pickup, which was his worst report yet.

Heartwrenching-but-secretly-makes-my-heart-jump-with-joy -- One of LM's teachers routinely holds onto Bean while I get the report about LM and get him into his coat so we can head home.  Today, Bean clung to me and protested when I passed him over.  LM's teacher said, as she handed him back a few minutes later (he was desperately reaching for me), "That boy sure has fallen in love with you fast."

"Frustrating"-cannot-even-begin-to-describe-it -- LM and me this afternoon.  Battle.  Meltdown.  Thinking bench.  Repeat.  No The BFG reading together because there was so much time spent on the thinking bench.

Relief -- Bean and Bee both waking up happy from their naps, no drama over afternoon snack, packing everyone up to go for a quick walk to the library.

Joy -- Seeing my boys get so excited about books that I had to oh-so-gently restrain them from checking out every book in the library.

Laughs -- The man on the street on the walk home, saying, "Right on," as I explained to LM that police officers are only needed to take care of people who do really bad things, not kids who do bad things, because kids have moms and dads and nannies who take care of those problems and that besides, kids don't do things bad enough to warrant police officers.  (And no, I'm not going to discuss things like Columbine with a four-year-old.)

Success -- I am a rockstar nanny who can manage to feed a very hungry baby his dinner while reading a new library book to two other kids while their father makes their dinner.  The half hour pre-dinner was actually trouble-free for the first time EVER.

Hope -- "LM, can we try to have a better week, starting Monday?  I love you.  Night, buddy."

Anticipation -- Best. Friend. Visiting. Arriving. So. Soon.


Margaret said...

Caitlin, I just wrote a day in the life post, too! I love reading your blog.

Wiley said...

It's very probable that you already know about this, but in case you don't:

If you haven't ever read it, browse the archives. I guarantee it will restore hope in all that is good on even the most rainy, disgusting, frustrating day.

Lol I wrote "discussing" instead of disgusting first time through. Need more coffee.

Cait said...

Wiley, I didn't know about that blog until you shared it, so thank you! I've only read a bit of it so far, and I'm sorry to hear that the author and her partner have separated but I look forward to reading through the archives. Also, more importantly, thank you for your words of support. And totally with you on the coffee. My caffeine addiction is out of control.