Wednesday, January 12, 2011

An exciting (snow) day in the lives of Cait and Al

Scene: Alix is washing the dishes from the cheesecake I am making. I am sitting at the computer, having just finished speaking an entire conversation for Tucker (yes, we have voices for our pets and use them to express what we feel they are thinking*) which involved, oddly enough, krill.

Alix: Isn't it weird that krill are so tiny and whales are so big and they eat them?
Me: They eat all day long.
Alix: Isn't that really inefficient?
Me: Well, what else are they going to do with their time?
Alix: Oh, I don't know, build bridges, make roads...
Me: ...make tea cozies? What would a tea cozy for a whale even look like?
Alix: I'm not even entirely sure what a tea cozy is...

*In case you are wondering, Tucker's voice is something like a combination of a Russian accent and lolcats speak. Rupert's is more along the lines of a kindergartner with an ADHD problem.

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