Friday, June 24, 2011

My Clock is Living in Hawaii(ish)

Right now, our retro kitchen clock is showing that it's 4:00.  It's been...hang on, I'm doing the math...five and a half hours behind for the past three weeks.
There are people in this world who would have noticed this problem and immediately sprung into action.  They would have ascertained if the clock needed new batteries or just a time reset.  They would have then gotten out the stepladder, taken the clock down, reset the time and/or installed new batteries, and briskly hung the clock back on its hook.

I am not one of those people.

I let Bee run around with no pants on if I don't feel like putting them back on after our hourly - yes, hourly - trips to the potty to "try for Nanny Cait, just try."
Jodi Piccoult publishes books more frequently than I do the dishes.
I consider a skirt to be wearable a minimum of three times before washing it.
I get stressed about buying stamps from the mean ladies at the post office.  Yes, stamps.

So...yeah.  I may not have figured out this whole "adult" thing yet.  But good lord, I am trying.  I am trying so. hard.


Sissy said...


Cait said...

That video is too funny. I think I might need a bike helmet too, to help with this whole "growing up" thing.

Charis said...

Cait, you are hilarious. The Jodi Picoult and dishes dilemma is painfully true for me as well! And also the 3 times laundry thing. Let's just say we're not lazy and that we're... adopting a European attitude. Yes, I like that much better!

The Nanny said...

(@Charis — good thing I like to do the dishes, ahem.)