Thursday, June 2, 2011

Getting PURSEonal

I carry around the same bag every day.  (Doesn't everyone, barring those women in the Real Housewives shows?)  Anyway, I got this bag a few months ago at the Goodwill two blocks away and I love it.  Why do I love it?  Because it's HUGE.  It's so deceptively roomy that I call it my Mary Poppins bag, as in, yes I could probably pull an umbrella, an armchair, and a diaper genie out of it if I tried.  Here's a picture of it:

After rooting around in it for a good three minutes this evening in pursuit of my keys, I started to wonder, What exactly is in here?!  So I dumped it out.

And, for your entertainment, here is an itemized list of what I found:

Keys (yep, they were in there)
Cell phone
One sippy cup
Charlotte's Web, by E.B. White (bookmark is a notice of privacy practices from my eye doctor)
Phone charger
Sunglasses case, with old New York & Co. sunglasses inside
Carmex lip balm
Plainsong, by Kent Haruf (bookmark is the business card of a Banana Republic employee)
Moleskine calendar/notebook
Wad of cash - it's how we nannies get paid
Blue ballpoint pen
Two travel cases of ibuprofen
Seven paper towels, folded
Red wallet
Four hair ties (one is aquamarine-colored)

Assorted papers (here's where it gets interesting!)
-eye doctor's business card
-library overdue fines receipt; total paid: $4.85
-library checkout receipt for 15 children's books
-psychiatrist's business card
-tattoo aftercare card
-cab receipt: $12.72
-a voided check I wrote
-a piece of notebook paper containing the contact info of a potential babysitting client, my confirmation number for a bus from Boston to NYC, the address of another babysitting client, and the recipe for Pasta Florentine
-pet supply store receipt for poop bags: $15.18
-Rupert's 3-year rabies vaccination certificate
-the invoice from Rupert's vet appointment detailing the vaccines he received (poor puppy)
-a spreadsheet and four typed pages detailing my nannyboys' schedule, etc. (written by their mother and previous nanny)
-a prescription
-an Uncommon Goods catalogue

I'm honestly surprised that I didn't find anything growing in there.  Granted, I'm not putting the Nalgene or the sippy cup under a microscope because I'd rather not know what's going on in them, but still.  Anyone else find anything interesting in their bags/pockets lately?

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The Nanny said...

THAT'S where my sippy cup went!!!