Sunday, April 3, 2011

Alright People...

So a pattern has emerged.  When my posts are funny and light-hearted, I get comments and love.  When they're serious and (attempting to be) insightful, I get nothin'.  But here's the deal: if you want to read anything more scintillating than an extremely edited version of my life/thoughts, you're gonna have to accept that when things are shitty around these parts, I can't always pretend to be funny and upbeat.  Now, in all fairness, I try to not write depressing posts all that often.  So can we get some love around here when it's clear that I need it?  Awesome.

Other things:
1.  I learned tonight that Alix knows how to make pasta in the microwave.  This rivals my own ability to make macaroni and cheese in an electric tea kettle.  (There are some things you learn in college that have nothing to do with academics.)
2.  Has anyone seen the commercial for the newest as-seen-on-tv product...Pajama Jeans?  Please, please make attempts to find it.  (I'm sorry, I'm too lazy to go searching YouTube for a link for you all.)  It is hilarious and makes you want to have a friend who will buy them just so you can see them in person, but not actually have anything to do with them yourself.
3.  The adult equivalent of "The dog ate my homework," is "The dog ate my ____ bill."  Yes, this actually happened to me.  Not sure if my doctor will react to this news with any less skepticism than your average fourth grade teacher.

Alright, folks.  That's the best I can do for you tonight.  I'll leave you with a picture from happier times.  Tucker likes boxes.  A lot.  Especially ones that have sight-holes.


Sarah said...

I thought I only posted when you were sad and full of drama. One more week, n'est-ce pas?

Faith said...

There are no flip comments when you have personal insights - just respect and love.

Cait said...

Sarah, you are a loyal commenter and I love you for it <3

Mama, you know you're the best. Always.

Margaret said...

I will try to comment more! I like your musing posts.

Tu Nguyen said...

i miss those days of cooking in the electric kettle. LONG LIVE THE KETTLE!