Monday, December 30, 2013

A Year in Pictures

Sitting here, reflecting on 2013, the first thing I thought of was…nothing.  What happened this year?  I mean, seriously?  I tried to think back through the months, waiting for the re-rememberance of some awful tragedy or gut-wrenching sadness and for the first year in a very long time, couldn't remember a single thing.  Sometimes boring is good.  Sometimes boring gives us the space for all the tiny, infinitesimal ways that we grow into the calmer, brighter, and more whole version of who we can actually be.

January and February
I ran my first 5k - sub-30 minutes and I was quite proud.
Superstorm Nemo dropped three feet of snow and CT failed utterly on the clean-up, but we had a ball sledding and trying to stay warm.
The first hints of spring.
Post half-marathon.
Memorial Day weekend hiking trip - it snowed!
Planted and grew my first adult garden.  It was a ton of work, but the fresh vegetables and shelf full of canned tomatoes were definitely worth it.
Cherry picking
Happy dog
Wildlife…in suburbia.
A wonderful visit home at my parents' house on the lake.
I made a lot of pie this year.
October, November, December
The new view.
I hate moving.
Thanksgiving homework help.

The love of my life.
2012 Wrap Up

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Hoofharted63 said...

That picture of you and the boy...oh my heart <3

PS, you don't know me, I stalk your blog :)