Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Year in Pictures

My yearly wrap-up posts are late.  My apologies.  I was far, far too busy in the last week of December applying sunscreen, wading in the ocean, and hiking in the jungle to log onto the interwebs.  But now I'm back!  And even though at this point I'm sure you're all mighty sick of seeing wrap-up posts, well, I'm still going to publish mine anyways.  SorryI'mnotsorry.

* * *


If blogs had sound, there would be crickets chirping.  As I started the hunt for a picture that would represent January 2012, I came up with...nothing.  Maybe a better indication of how depressed I was this time last year is not a sad picture of a snowy field but rather the hard truth that I simply didn't pick up my camera - not even once - in the month of January.

This little ball of terror (Lucy) was a 24th birthday surprise.

Previously published on this blog, yes, but it was easily one of the best things that happened this year.

April flowers (and showers)
One of my last months in Boston, we went to the Pride Parade.
Said my very last nanny goodbye to these sweet, sweet girls.
Some much-needed time at home, building a scaffold with my dad.
Moved.  Again.
I met this boy who rides a bike.  I fell in love.  Hard.
All day studying, looking out the windows onto the world.
Early morning clinicals, more school, and a short break home.
Reward for one semester of nursing school finished = vacation in Puerto Rico!

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for following me along on yet another year of this crazy journey called life.  I love my little corner of the internet world and all the wonderful people that come with it.

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The 2011 picture wrap-up

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