Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Remember how Nora Ephron felt bad about her neck?  I feel bad about my camera.  It sits, either neatly  zipped into its bag, like an inanimate toddler dummy buckled into a carseat or more casually perhaps, it rests on my dresser, its neck strap hanging seductively towards the floor, waiting to be picked up and caressed.  I avoid looking at it like we awkwardly made out in the bathroom at a Tegan and Sara concert and then thought better of it when morning came.  I feel bad about not using my camera, and so I will occasionally pick it up but since I never take pictures anymore, I am, um, really bad at taking pictures.  Which then frustrates me into zipping it tightly back into its bag where it sits for awhile before I start feeling intensely guilty again.  And so it goes.  I'm going to try to fix this cycle by taking a few photos of whatever strikes me, several days a week.  And sharing them with you all.  Be nice, okay?  Me and my awkward make-out partner are still trying to figure each other out (again).

I found a baby scale in a junk shop last week.  H. looked it up tonight and we realized it's from 1931!  What an amazing treasure for a future midwifery practice.

I used my macro lens to try to capture some of the details of the scale.  This is the counterweight that balances the scale on the tabletop.
For laughs: Lucy on the scale.  For but the briefest of moments (like most girls).

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