Sunday, January 27, 2013

Confessions of a Saturday Night Student

1.  I refuse all help when making my bed.  I am usually pretty gracious, and accept and offer help with many things but none of you people get the corners of the fitted sheet on tight enough, so help me God.

2.  I downloaded Spotify because it seemed like the obvious thing to do if you're human and like music.  I have no idea how to use it and I just delete every email I get from them telling me that "So-and-so has a new playlist for you!"  I think I feel like I'm missing out more now that I have it and can't figure it out then I did before I ever downloaded it.

3.  It makes me incredibly happy when people come over and compliment our home.  It's not fancy, by any means, but it's filled with hand-picked (thrifted) things that we love and it's more gratifying than I could have ever imagined, creating a space that feels like home.

4.  We call Lucy by her real name so infrequently that I'm not sure she knows it.  Goose, Gooseifer (rhymes with Lucifer, and not coincidentally), and Goose-in-Round are her preferred monikers.  Soon she'll stop meowing and start honking.

5.  I learned several years ago that bananas are easier to peel from the bottom, like how monkeys do it.  I still stubbornly peel them from the top because I don't like having the butt end be my first bite.

6.  I get very, very seasick and yet managed to row for most of my college career without incident.

7.  My very first email address was on Hotmail, and it involved the word "froggy" and the word "gurl." Oh yes.  Yes it did.  I didn't even like frogs.  I'm still not sure where that one came from.

8.  I think marshmallows are disgusting.  The taste, the texture, the fact that they are made out of horses' hooves.  And then...fluff?  Marshmallow as sandwich spread?  What the what?

9.  I never had a set of keys until I went to college.  We didn't lock our house growing up and the car keys were just that - for the car, and certainly not mine.  I was more than a little bit excited about having a lanyard with an ID card and multiple keys (house, room, closet, etc.) dangling from it for at least two whole days at the start of my first year.

10.  A fellow midwifery student and I were talking at close range the other day when she suddenly stopped me and said, "Did your mom nurse you?"  "...Yes..." I replied, baffled as to where this was going.  "You have a tongue-tie!  She must have been a tough lady."  I explained that I was last in a long line of other eager nursers and that my poor mother's nipples were probably sufficiently toughened by the time I came along to withstand my imperfect latch.  Learn something new every day, huh?

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