Monday, September 10, 2012


June has stopped asking me if it's okay with me if she gets any bigger.  Come to think of it, I don't think she's ever asked me.  Girlfriend turned four this weekend.

No more lisp.  No more shy smiles.  I walk in to the party, and my once-upon-a-baby stands up on her chair, face lighting up like the sun, and proclaims, "Caitlin's here!  And I love Caitlin.  And she loves me."

"What if cake was a vegetable?" she asked me.  "And vegetables were cake?  Then we could say no to vegetables, because you can always say no thank you to dessert."  Pause to shovel spoonful of cake into mouth.  A contented sigh.  "But I would never say no to cake."

I love them.  Pure and simple.  I'll still be squeezing them onto my lap when they're twenty-five and twenty-one.

Happy birthday, Junebug.

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