Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dream Date

I loved this cartoon as a kid.  I still love it.  I also love the part in the movie Stepmom where Susan Sarandon arranges a dream date with her little son (yes, that Stepmom, I know it's a horrible movie, but I like it, okay?  OKAY??).  H. and I regularly schedule dream dates when we're apart from each other - like now, when I'm in New York for my weekly stint with Birdie.  Yes, we go three days a week without seeing each other.  Yes, we miss each other when we're apart.  Yes, it's mildly pathetic but so is the movie Stepmom and we've already discussed my feelings on that, so there you go.

You know what I dream about?

A place where I'm happy with my body.  A place without eating disorders.  A place where I don't base my self-worth on the shape of my stomach or the number on a scale.  That's why they're called dreams, right?  Because those places don't exist in real life.  I wish they did.  Tonight, I'm wishing so hard that they did.  Instead, I'll try to find that place in my dreams and enjoy it until the sun rises, the alarm rings, and a new day begins.

Where do you go in your dreams?  Do you bring anyone along?  I'd like to think I'm not the only one.

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