Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Up, Up and Away!

You guys.

Something important happened this weekend.  Actually, several important things happened this weekend, but there will be an organized, itemized blog post describing them all once they have all been thoroughly sorted out and I can type with two hands instead of using one to knock on wood the entire time I type.


This weekend - I grew an inch.  Yes, that's right.  My entire life (well, since I was 14 and stopped growing), I have been 5'6".  Quite literally, every time in the past 4-5 years that someone has asked me how tall I am and I tell them, they say something along the lines of, "Wow, you don't look it, you look much taller!"  I smile and nod, and think something along the lines of, "My goodness, your eyes must be far more accurate than the measuring tool at my doctor's office."

So this weekend, my friend got fed up with the whole argument, lined me up barefoot against the wall, penciled a mark at the top of my head and I AM FIVE FEET AND SEVEN AND ONE QUARTER INCHES TALL.

(I think that quarter inch is just as exciting as the full inch before it, by the way.)

So, that was my exciting weekend.

Anyone else experience any recent bodily discoveries that blew them away?  (Let's keep this G-rated here, people.)


The Nanny said...

All I wanted in life was to reach 5 feet tall. But noooooo, YOU had to swoop in and take an extra inch. YOU TALL PERSON YOU.

Noelle said...

Actually, yes, I did have a recent bodily discovery, but it's difficult to make G-rated. My, um...birth canal? Leans to the left. Much like my politics. (I won't tell you how I discovered this.)

Also, I think you found the inch that I lost. I've been 5'9" forever, at every doctor's appointment, but Rob measured me recently and I'm 5'8".

Cait said...

Apologies to you both. Noelle, I'm sorry, but I needed that inch. Besides, 5'8" is perfectly respectable (as is 4'11" Miss Nanny).

And, in regards to the "birth canal" discovery, I feel like THAT is a story I would greatly enjoy hearing over a glass of wine (is wine gluten-free?)

Allison the Meep said...

Well, I just found a weird indentation on the top of my skull, which leads me to believe that my head is caving in because I can be a hypochondriac about things.

Oh, I almost forgot!! I actually have a kind of good one! So, I have this lump on the back of my throat, and I made an appointment to get it checked out by the doctor. In the meantime, I had googled around and convinced myself that I had throat cancer. FUN! But it turns out that one of my tonsils is growing back. Isn't that crazy, that you can cut tonsils out at 17 years of age and then have the tissue re-form in the same spot 13 years later? So weird.

And because I'm lurky, I am responding to your above question: Yes, wine is GF. Woot! (Except that some people won't drink it because they swear that wine is stored in barrels that are sealed with some kind of wheat powder. So. It's questionable, I guess.)

Cait said...

Sounds like that indentation is actually a brain tumor. Might want to get that checked out. And as for the tonsils - once when I was in college, I had this perpetual feeling that a piece of food was stuck in my throat, so after three days of swallowing constantly, Dr. Jaffe told me that my "extended tonsil tissue" was swollen... In conclusion: tonsils are weird.