Friday, July 26, 2013

Wrapping It Up

I finished my first year of nursing school, my entire RN education today.  I turned in my last assignment for Community Health.  I closed my computer.  I burst into tears.  And then spent most of the rest of today crying.  For a lot of reasons, most of which have nothing to do with school, but I may or may not have sat up in my bed this afternoon, where I had been dozing with tears leaking out of my face for the better part of an hour, thrown my pillow to the floor and said out loud, "This is NOT how I pictured feeling at the end of this year."  Like I said, may or may not have happened.  I think I just need to sleep and speak to myself in a soft, soothing voice and keep everything at a low level of stimulation for a few days until my emotions and hormones recalibrate from "past the knife edge of crazy" into "mostly normal."

Next up: pass my boards.  Gulp.

We picked thirty pounds of sour cherries...

Pitting them was a lot of work.
Like, a lot.


lisell said...

Wow! Just one year? How awesome is that! Buy one of the books for the Boards and devote yourself to it. Listen to the CDs that come with it in the car.I made a rule when I took mine that I couldn't read anything but the N-Clex book until I'd taken the Boards. You'll be fine. What's next? Midwifery? How exciting :) Good luck. I think crying at the end of a really freaking intense year is perfectably acceptable.

Allison the Meep said...

You, madame, are a badass for a) finishing your first year of nursing school and b) pitting all those dang cherries.

I salute you.

Cait said...

Thanks, friends! Lisell, your advice is golden. I'm slogging my way through Lippincott's Q&A book right now, and won't stop until I pass. And Allison, my god, thirty pounds of cherries was the real test of stamina, way more so than a year of school.