Sunday, April 14, 2013


I find avocados to be strangely comforting.  They are delicious, yes.  Avocados are like bacon for vegetarians.  They're like the yoga pants of the food world - everyone likes them and they look good (and taste good) on every single solitary thing.  This is not why I find them comforting.

I find avocados comforting because every time I buy avocados at the grocery store, hard as a rock and so unpromising - my fingers twitch as I put their sorry selves into my cart - every single time, I doubt them.  It's true.  I doubt that they will ripen, that they will ripen well, and that in only a few short days I will be enjoying them on a black bean and sweet potato quesadilla.  And every single time, the avocados come through for me.  They are the epitome of predictability and relief.  They always ripen and they are always delicious.  A ripe avocado cannot NOT taste good.  I challenge you to think of another type of fresh produce that you can buy in a profound state of unripened-ness, leave on your counter unattended for however long it takes, and slice it open with confidence after only a gentle squeeze, and reveal perfectly delicious, untarnished perfection.  No fruit flies.  No second-guessing the right time to cut it open.  And certainly you should never be staring at a ripe avocado thinking, "Gosh, what am I going to do with this avocado?  I am fresh out of ideas!"  TRY HARDER.

There's your little fruit and vegetable PSA of the day, folks.

* * *

Briefly, in other news around these parts...
1.  I put the space heaters away in the basement today.  I will make winter be over by simply refusing for it to continue.
2.  I ran the half marathon last weekend.  Running is hard.  For now, 5k's are starting to sound super duper fun.  A post with pictures will follow, hopefully soon.
3.  We got a coffee table!  It's wood, and it's pretty, and it has cubby holes for the cats.

Enjoying the spring air.


Allison the Meep said...

You know what's weird about avocados that are a little too ripe? They actually start to smell like bacon. They truly are the bacon of the vegetable world.

Cait said...

I don't think I've ever noticed this about avocados! But that's probably because avocados don't last to the overripe stage in this house. We attack them at the first sign of readiness.